Raksha Conditioner - 250ml


This luscious hair conditioner hydrates your hair and works gently from root to tip, leaving it moisturised, rejuvenated and protected for the day ahead.

A quintessential blend of organic essential oils such as heart warming marjoram, awakening lavender and rejuvenating cederwood to help stimulate and lock in moisture for healthy and shiny hair.

  • Name: Raksha
  • Organic | Vegan | Halal Certified
  • Sanskrit meaning: "protect, guard or fortify
  • PETA cruelty free certified
  • 100% recycled PET label free bottle
  • Produced on an ethical and organic certified family run farm
  • Made in Italy

Our oil balancing seaweed base is full of antioxidants which is infused using blue bio-technology, through natural extraordinary cellular survival mechanisms, we produce age defying, clinically-proven, marine actives targeted to achieve specific beauty results.

Direction: Step 1 Marjayati  |  Step 2 Tula  |  Step 3 Raksha | Step 4 Amrita | Step 5 Shodhana  | Step 6 Uttama

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