Conscious Fabrics

Sustainable and environmentally low impact fabrics are what we use, we search for natural performance, long lasting and high quality compositions.

 Technology is not to be steered away from but to be embraced, advanced ecological treatments can make the world of difference in how the garment performs without damaging the environment. 

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is breathable, soft, keeps its shape, doesn’t fade, bobble or stretch and feels amazing on your skin. 

We only use fabrics are all Oeko-Tex certified which means they have a low carbon footprint and biodegradable fibres. Our cotton has the GOTS certified organic accreditation too - ethically grown, chemical free and responsibly manufactured.

Organic Bamboo

An ethical and sustainable ultra low-impact fabric, bamboo grows faster and absorbs more carbon dioxide than hardwood trees in comparison.

 It’s perfect for those long summer walks on the beach or a relaxing mediation session.


Bamboo is naturally an anti-bacterial fabric, breathable and wicks away sweat instantly.

 It adapts to the shape of your body, providing excellent stretch capabilities and is particularly good for mild and sensitive skin.

Recycled Ocean Plastics

Life came out of the sea, it's about time to repay the favour, we use certified Sequal™ recycled ocean plastics in our garments. Helping to tackle the challenges of marine pollution and protecting the creatures that inhabit our oceans. 

Organic Linen

Flax is a natural raw material, making linen one of the most sustainable textiles known to man. Our collection of organic linen goes one step further and represents the ultimate in ecological and sustainable garments. Using one of the oldest linen factories globally, we have created the most ethical and sustainable ranges. 

Our factory has recently upgraded to solar power to help combat it's carbon footprint as it grows.

Sustainable Wool & Cashmere

Cashmere is one of the most valuable natural fibres in fashion and we have decided to help protect the future of this incredible material by trying to redefine ‘waste’. 

 We have sourced re-engineered cashmere, which offers the same soft, insulating qualities as cashmere. Just without the environmental impact associated with animal raising.

Wool is biodegradable, breathable and natural. We only work with sustainable merino wool farms, that are required to treat all the animals fairly and ethically. 

Sustainable wool products have long lifespans, meaning they are used or worn longer than other textile fibre product.Wool textile products tend to be washed less frequently at lower temperatures which has a lower impact on the environment. 

Wool is one of the most recycled fibres.