The Vayyu Foundation. 

Reg Charity Number 1181313.

An innovative and versatile charity, tackling key issues that questions socials stigmas, environmental issues and morality.

Project 1: Stop Ocean Plastics

Project 2: The Untouchables (Dalit Caste) 

The StopOceanPlastics campaign aims to speak in all 6 major cities globally in 2018 / 2019 with 2 countries completed in 2018, only 4 to go for 2019! Here at The Vayyu Foundation™ our mantra is oceans | mountains | meditation. We are committed to re-educating society to protect our beautiful oceans, mountains and people, not just trying to solve long-lasting issues with temporary solutions but give sustainable answers and solutions.We gives keynote speeches on how to implement transparency within business supply chains, plastic consumption, ethical policies and how to make conscious buying choices as a consumer which protect the ocean in turn. We implement workshops to teach school children about the impact of ocean plastics and also work in partnership with the Marine Biological Association on their 'Beach Rangers Project.' "The ocean is key to the survival of this planet, to keep it clean and healthy for the next generation. The connection I feel is that of magnetism, I'm drawn to its energy, its beauty and its mystery." - Founder & CEO

The Vayyuuntouchables campaign was established to help a group of Dalit (untouchable) children lead safe and fulfilling lives with dignity. 

We work with individual families and partner with the “Shanti Bhavan children's project” in Bangalore, Southern India. 

This school was specifically set up to help the Dalit community escape poverty and give them a chance to excel in life after 1000 years of persecution."The Vayyu Foundation" has officially taken on the challenge to support three children from this community and will support them for the next seventeen years until they start work, helping them to bring about social change and to eradicate the cycle of poverty and social stigma in their community and families. 

 Location - Banglaore, India.

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