Complete Body Care Gift Set - 250ml x4


This complete Arahant body care set encompasses the 4 paths to enlightenment,  Sotāpanna Sakadāgāmin, Anāgāmi, and Arahant.

This invigorating Body Wash balances vital energy within the self and awakens the mind, skin and senses.

This invigorating Shampoo balances vital energy within the mind and awakens the scalp, follicles and wider senses.

This luscious Hair Conditioner hydrates your hair and works gently from root to tip, leaving it moisturised, rejuvenated and protected for the day ahead.

This luscious Body Lotion hydrates your skin and works gently through all three cellular levels, leaving it moisturised, rejuvenated and protected for the day ahead

  • Name: Marjarati - 250ml | Tula - 250ml | Raksha 250 ml | Amrita - 250ml 
  • Organic | Vegan | Halal Certified
  • PETA cruelty free certified
  • 100% recycled PET label free bottle
  • Produced on an ethical and organic certified family run farm
  • Made in Italy

Our oil balancing seaweed base is full of antioxidants which is infused using blue bio-technology, through natural extraordinary cellular survival mechanisms, we produce age defying, clinically-proven, marine actives targeted to achieve specific beauty results.

    Step 1 Marjayati  |  Step 2 Tula  |  Step 3 Raksha |  Step 4 Amrita | Shodhana 5 | Uttama 6

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