Shodhana Hand Wash 250ml


This invigorating hand wash is about more than just cleansing pollutants but a blessing to your hands, to undertake all that you have to achieve in your life.

A quintessential blend of organic essential oils such as oud, jasmine and mood elevating patchouli. 

Our oil balancing seaweed base is full of antioxidants which is infused with blue bio-technology, through natural extraordinary cellular survival mechanisms, we produce age defying, clinically-proven, marine actives targeted to achieve specific beauty results.

  • Name: Shodhana - 250ml
  • Sanskrit meaning: "purification, channel or flow"
  • Produced on an ethical and organic certified family run farm
  • 100% PETA cruelty free certified
  • 100% recycled & recyclable bottle 
  • 100% label free 

Direction: Step 1 Marjayati  |  Step 2 Tula  |  Step 3 Raksha  |  Step 4 Amrita | Step 5 Shodhana  |  Step 6 Uttama

Ritual: Best performed whilst being illuminated by candle light (purifying force) where safe to do so. 

Close your eyes as you lather this sacred wash onto your hands, allow all the deeds that you has take too to be washed off, to forgotten about, to be forgiven. 

As you lather the wash all over and in-between each finger, say the words (Sat hum) ten times.

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