Tula Shampoo 250ml


This invigorating shampoo balances vital energy within the mind and awakens the scalp, follicles and wider senses.

A quintessential blend of organic essential oils such as Marjoram, grapefruit and refreshing lime to excite the mind. 

Our oil balancing seaweed base is full of antioxidants which is infused with blue bio-technology, through natural extraordinary cellular survival mechanisms, we produce age defying, clinically-proven, marine actives targeted to achieve specific beauty results.

  • Name: Tula - 250ml
  • Sanskrit meaning: "balance, measure or equilibrium"
  • Produced on an ethical and organic certified family run farm
  • 100% PETA cruelty free certified
  • 100% recycled & recyclable bottle 
  • 100% label free 

 Direction: Step 1 Marjayati  |  Step 2 Tula  |  Step 3 Raksha  |  Step 4 Amrita 

Ritual: Best performed whilst being illuminated by candle light (purifying force) where safe to do so. 

Firstly run your hair under warm water and allow the warmth to be absorbed into the scalp opening up all the hair follicles, then apply a small amount of the shampoo into the palm of your hands and massage starting from the scalp and run through to the tips. 

Repeat if necessary, when satisfied with the results of washing, open your eyes and repeat (Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantui) three times. 

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