Return to nature.

We spend our whole life searching for answers, answers to questions we have thought and meditated about for millennia. 

Life is a journey, an experience of the body, demanding you to go through it, not around it, not in front of it or behind it, you are fastened to the present at every moment. 

The issue we find is that society lives thinking about tomorrow whilst remembering yesterdays past, regrets, sorrows, joys, events, multiple emotions haunt our aura. 

We need to learn to savour the moment at hand, the present, the very now, we need to tune in to our senses, listen to the wind, feel the heat of your skin, the smell of wood in the air, let nature indulge our senses with her sultry aromas and soothing strokes.

Yesterday is forgotten and tomorrow never happened, but you are here now, when you eat, taste every single flavour, every spice, sugar, flower and zest. Indulge your senses in the depths the materiality of life, truly savour its sweet taste, as this will guide you beyond the veil and to the substance that all life is seasoned from. 

Return to nature. Return to the present and you will find happiness in your journey and the answers will not just be revealed to you but you will live them.





This is such a beautiful site.

Bethany July 02, 2018

We always forget to live in the PRESENT! Today is a present, we should all accept it and enjoy…

Claire July 01, 2018

Excited for your launch vayyu!

Charlotte June 30, 2018

Really love reading this kind of knowledge.

Nolan June 28, 2018

We should never have departed from nature in the first place, we abuse this planet and think that everything will be okay, Sustainability is on the rise in all topics and across all industries. let’s save the world together.

Katie June 21, 2018

We should all think like this, nothing matters apart from being happy and being a good person.
Vayyu i support you all the way. Can’t wait to see your products

Harry June 16, 2018

I love your site, it actually means so much to find other like-minded individuals out there, your inspiring, you guys are the best where about are you based? I’ve followed you on Instagram #vayyu

Gemma June 09, 2018

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