"A path beyond this veil of existence."

Our founder shares the origins of VAYYU®

"A few years ago, I took a life break after a ten year career in the fashion & music industry to learn how to sail at sea." I wanted to submerge myself back in nature, to loose the ego and hopefully find myself again, I barely recognised who I was when looking in the mirror, who I had became, who I thought I was, the music and fast fashion industry can do this to a person. 

I sailed for 5 months and during this expedition, I had a moment that would change my life forever.

I opened my eyes as I returned from a deep meditation one morning, sitting on the bow of the sailing yacht I was aboard, the sun began to glimmer over the horizon, dolphins swimming in unison looking up towards the sky and then into my eyes, dancing in front of the bow wave as I glided through the crystal clear waters off the Devonshire coast. Something deep in me stirred, a shiver ran down my neck and back, every hair on my body stood up, my life was about to change at that specific moment, something was happening and I didn't know what.

I felt my energy completely shift and a type of ecstatic buzzing in every cell of my body as tears started to stream down my face, time stood still, lost in the moment, everything froze and for a second, silence, complete and utter stillness. I felt at peace with the whole world instantly, in touch with every particle that ever existed, everything happened in slow motion as if the droplets of sea water were just hovering in front of my eyes me as they splashed over the side of the boat. My very existence, my purpose, my path became clear, a feeling of such grandeur, of belonging, of omnipresence in the surrealist of places, an overwhelming respect for the ocean, planet and every living creature upon it began to rise within me,

I felt connected at every level but understood my human limitations. I understood a fraction of the very essence of life for that token second, the world spoke to me in a way I could never have imagined, nor could ever explain.

I knew moving forwards I couldn't easily go on knowing this planet could be damaged by my daily work actions. I decided to take this message and brought to life Vayyu, shortly after that, The Vayyu Foundation revealed itself.

VAYYU® is an award-winning ethical, sustainable and Organic British Luxury Brand, we were rated as the second most ethical company in the United Kingdom* and have a transparent supply chain using green and ethical factories.

The Vayyu Foundation® is a registered charity working with local, city and coastal communities around the world clearing the oceans of plastic and replanting the worlds forests. We operate 2 environmental projects that are both in response to the global climate crisis.

UOCEAN® 2050 Project actively clears ocean and marine plastics through our network of local - national voluntary chapters around the UK and we employ individuals globally to empower them out of poverty by removing plastics to help towards our goals of removing #1BILLIONKILOS by 2030.

UEARTH® 2050 Project helps to stop the planets rising temperature with the goal of planting #1BILLIONTREES by 2030 whilst supporting isolated communities to become agents of change and promoting positive mental health and inner wellness.


A word from our our founder & CEO Chris Desai

-  Don't ever believe you are not good enough or worthy enough to succeed, you are good enough and worthy enough in your very essence.