We are proud of the progress that Vayyu have made creating a diverse and inclusive culture, and believe equality and parity is essential to this.
New legislation requires companies with more than 250 employees to report this year on their gender pay gap, and this is something we would like to fully support as we are committed to a transparent approach on such an important topic even before we hit the 250 employee mark. 

We have been tracking and monitoring diversity and inclusion though out our whole entire supply chain and have specific goals in place to achieve gender parity and equality.
Meaningful changes will always take time, but we as The Vayyu Group have taken decisive action in introducing targets as our people are key to the company’s success and we appreciate that pay and promotions are a significant factor in all our staff feeling valued and appreciated. 
There is more we can do to encourage, support and reward our female talent and we look forward to reporting on our gender pay in the next few years to demonstrate how we have done this.
Thank you for support Vayyu through its ethical and sustainable policies and now this policy too. 


We support all employees of all ages and life stages, and a key part of this is giving them the freedom and reassurance to make their work fit with where they are at. Our understanding is that we are encouraging a gender mix on the senior leadership teams rather than specifically women who have had/adopted children.
Women may want to take a break to spend time with their children. Rather than feel concerned at the potential repercussions with their career, we make clear that we support this as being happy in their work is crucial to them feeling fulfilled. Anyone who has worked with us for over 2 year can take up to 18 weeks’ leave, in addition to maternity leave, and we stress that this will have no negative impact on their career.
In order to plan parental leave and re-entry in the best possible way, we have dedicated and tailored programmes in place providing employees with advice at an early stage and options for their return to work.


We are committed to supporting employees in achieving an effective work life balance, whichis why we offer a flexible working policy. Thereasons for wanting to change a working pattern can range from caring for a child to pursuing sporting ambitions outside of work, but whatever the reason, we stress that wewelcome anything which is beneficial to their wellbeing. Our flexible working includes-allowing employees to work fewer days or hours, set their own times of working, or take a sabbatical if they want a longer period off work