Animal Welfare

Mooing is the way forward.

Animals as beautiful as these, need only to worry about the grass they are going to eat and the hill in which they will sleep.

We don't use animal skin in any of our products

We use organic cotton, ethical wool, organic bamboo, cashmere, organic seaweed, mushroom protein, cactus fibre, tencell, organic linen and many more.

How do we do it?

Ethical farms

We visit the farms we work with to give full accountability and traceability to our products.

For example, one of our organic skincare creams, has a slight touch of beeswax in the base mixture to give it a luxurious texture and is full of vital nutrients.

The bee keepers where this wax originates from are a lovely couple who have lived in rural Wales on a family run farm for 30 years.

Cruelty free methods

We do not remove honey or wax from the bees during the autumn or winter months so for 6 cold months of the year, they have ample supply for their colony to thrive, thus making it sustainable, ethical and practical for human and bees to live in harmony.

If we hurt nature, we hurt ourselves

Using factories which are Fair Wear Audited and Fair Trade approved to bring about transparency within our supply chain.

So until next time, moo you later!