VAYYU™ Code of Vendor Conduct

Please find listed below of the standards are factories must adhere too.

1:1. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed of animal or human.

1:2.  Factories must not engage in or permit physical acts to punish or coerce workers, nor should they engage in or permit psychological coercion or any other form of non-physical abuse, including threats of violence, sexual harassment, shouting or other verbal abuse.

1:3. Employees must be treated with respect and dignity.

1:4. VAYYU™’s Suppliers, their subcontractors and business partners must comply with environmental rules, regulations and standards applicable to the workplace, the products produced, and the methods of manufacture and must observe environmentally conscious practices in the locations where they operate and in the materials they are using.

1:5. Suppliers, their subcontractors and business partners are also expected to treat the land they use for whatever purpose in a respectful way that does no long-term damage to it and to be respectful of the diversity of the plant and animal life with which they share it.

The environmental standards are outlined in our “Environmental policy” which is listed publically on our site.


2:1. Monitoring performance against VAYYU™ ethical policies in order to ensure that we are adhering to our companies’ ethics and ethos is vital to us, we will ensure that the standards on the part of our own employees and suppliers’ are actively reviewed and are an integral part of the day-to-day management process. We will always strive to maintain all the necessary information systems and deploy adequate resources to achieve this objective.

2:2. Responsible sourcing assessments are always required or by any third party designated by VAYYU™ as and when required.

2:3. We here at VAYYU™ will deliver corrective action plan support when it has been established and proven that a supplier is failing to achieve the standards we have laid out in VAYYU™’s modern slavery policies. Our factories should work on a corrective action plan that we provide to close all identified non-compliances.

2:4. We then require a convincing and practical corrective plan has to be submitted by the supplier and approved by VAYYU™. We require the manufacturer in question to demonstrate the application of the corrective action plans. VAYYU™ commits to provide support and guidance to the supplier to support the amendments.

Supporting Change:

3:1. Supporting long-term sustainable development VAYYU™ looks to recognize suppliers who have developed plans and implemented initiatives that contribute to long terms sustainable development, such as the fair trade, GOTS and we believe that employees in such organizations have a high degree of commitment and satisfaction, resulting in better products and an enhanced working environment. We encourage our suppliers to share their initiatives and best practices with us and we will actively seek to partner with factories to enhance such programs with us.

3:2. As a condition of doing business with VAYYU™ each and every factory involved in the manufacturing of VAYYU™ products must comply with the VAYYU™ Supplier Code of Conduct. In order to verify this, suppliers must permit audits at any time of all the factories involved in the manufacturing of VAYYU™ products by their employees and/ or accredited auditors.

3:3. As part of the monitoring process, accredited auditors must be allowed to conduct interviews with workers on a confidential basis and inspect premises.

3:4. Should we find that a supplier does not comply with our VAYYU™ Code of Conduct, we will ask them to take corrective actions in an agreed time frame and if not taken, we will seriously reconsider the business relationship with the supplier, including the termination thereof.

3:5. A copy of the VAYYU™ Code of Conduct, translated into all the native languages of the employees, must be notified and displayed in a prominent place accessible to all employees, within each facility where VAYYU™ products are being manufactured.

Evaluating and recognizing improvement

4:1 All new and existing factories are regularly evaluated to ensure they meet our expectation. Our goal is to achieve positive results through working with our suppliers to find long-term solutions that will benefit the individuals who make our products and will improve the quality of life in local communities. We work with our suppliers to develop strong alliances dedicated to responsible business practices and continuous improvement.