Ethical Fabrics

Sustainable and
environmentally low impact
fabrics are the way forward.

We consider the story, qualities and provenance of every fabric before we enter it into our range.

We use natural fibres that are clean, ethical and sustainable

Our Merino wool comes
from ethical farms in
New Zealand where the
Merino sheep roam the
hills and eat fresh
organic grass every day.

How do we do it?


We vet all of our suppliers, we insist on factory and farm visits by our auditing team.

We look for accreditations, we verify these awards with the accrediting bodies independently.

We speak to the workers, we meet the farmers and we inspect the fields.

We conduct separate tests ourselves on the fabric working with SGS and Intertek to achieve this.



Our R&D teams, extensively search for the best qualities of yarns, new innovative fabrics and new ways of creating garments sustainably.

We craft products that we believe in, through narrative, provenance, performance and most importantly emit natures' sacred story.

Using organic cotton stops pesticides from entering our water systems

Our sustainable bamboo is an ultra low-impact fabric, bamboo grows faster and absorbs more carbon dioxide than hardwood trees in comparison.

Technology is not to be steered away from but to be embraced, advanced ecological treatments can make the world of difference in how the garment performs without damaging the environment

Global Sourcing?

Type of fabrics

We use organic seaweed, organic cotton, ethical wool, organic bamboo, tencel, pure cashmere, mushroom protein, cactus fibre and organic linen to name a few.

We are constantly expanding our fabric showroom to include, new exciting innovations every month.


Natural performance is key to our range, take bamboo for instance, it is naturally an anti-bacterial fabric, breathable and wicks away sweat instantly. It adapts to the shape of your body, providing excellent stretch capabilities and is particularly good for mild and sensitive skin.

We use a range of re-engineered cashmere, from Italy which offers the same soft, insulating qualities as normal cashmere.

This is without the environmental impact associated this animal based products.

Nature unveiled.