Let's Stop Ocean Plastics

Helping you to
reduce, remove and
raise awareness.

We don't use any polyester fabrics in our ranges, helping to stop billions of micro-plastic pieces entering our oceans each year.

The oceans are the lungs of our planet

How do we do it?

Reduce, reuse

Fashion is known to be a dirty industry and we choose to stand against these beliefs by doing things in a different way.

Take our packaging for instance, we don't use plastic tags, buttons, plastic mailing bags, therefore reducing millions of pieces of unnecessary plastic.

Raising awareness

Polyester is a tricky material, it has optimal qualities as a fabric but distribute millions of pieces of micro plastic into our water systems just by washing it in your machine.

The micro plastics go down the drain and eventually into our rivers and seas, causing massive devastation on our aquatic communities. You can stop this by not purchasing clothing made from polyester.


3 billion people a day rely on the ocean for food

Our luxury recycled cardboard box packaging is FSC verified.

How we achieve it?


We work with the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure that where are boxes are sourced from is sustainable well maintained

We only us ink that Is vegetable based and biodegradable to print our packaging.


We see sustainability as the new luxury, as the new standard in which the fashion world should look to for inspiration.

We respect and showcase the environment by narrating the journey of our products through product information tags, website videos and social media posts.

Every time you wash your synthetic clothes, 9,000,000 microfibres are released into the water system