Our Vision


Since establishing VAYYU™in 2017, we have always stood by our ethical values, as a company, we are mindful of our responsibilities regarding economic, environmental and social sustainability

We launch new products only in response to genuine needs from our consumers and after extensive research in order to deliver products of the highest quality and efficacy. The provenance of each and every ingredient is key to the VAYYU™ ethos.

 Our initial focus had been on finding ethically accredited factories to work with in order to produce high quality products, we wanted to establish a transparent supply chain so customers know where their purchase has been sourced and made. 

                                                                             Our Dna.


VAYYU™ will continue to be known as an eco-sustainable, luxury brand in all market sectors,

 across all countries and states, we have and will continue to maintain an independent approach to product research and development 

using the best materials possible, and conceptualising product ideas, producing extensive work based on the finest blends for our body

 care range and most unique fabrics for our apparel. 

                                                                                 Our Ethos.

VAYYU™ will be the step forward into the future of fashion, continuing to live out our mantra of the  Oceans | Mountains | Meditation

 lifestyle and push for a better standard of fashion globally. 

"If we start now and change our buying habits, then these changes will become send nature to our future generations.”