Our Head Office Plans

Creating a building to
nourish the soul.

When our founder Chris Desai had a vision of VAYYU on the sailing boat he was aboard, a further vision entailed, a head office, dedicated as a temple to nature, the office has been name 'The Nataraja.'

Translation: "The great cosmic dancer"

Creating an environment to cultivate talent and nurture creativity

We aim to grow our own ingredients on the farm where our head office is being built, giving complete traceability to our organic skincare & body care products.

How will we do it?

Wind, Solar & Green power

We aim to use the lowest impact natural building materials to create our head office, using stone, eco cement and reclaimed wood to create an environment that reflects nature in all its beauty.

Infused with modern technology, we will install multiple solar panels and wind turbines to power our building and warehouses, making sure we are carbon negative from the day we open our doors.

Water preservation

To achieve zero liquid effluent discharge, our head office will have installed a water recycling plant to lower our footprint by 95% and consciously encourage our staff to be mindful of precious resources.


The Nataraja will be a subversive experience of the senses, touch, smell, sight, sound, going from dark to light as you navigate the building, representing the exploration of ones own consciousness.  

Our ethos


Every team member will be given the opportunity to take time out during the day to help improve their mental state by having walks in our forests, sessions of mindfulness or physical exercise with our office PT.


We believe that philanthropy should be close to our hearts, that's why we will continue to support 'The Vayyu Foundation' and volunteer days every month to help further its mission on removing ocean plastics and educating the lower castes in India.

We embrace change, whilst investing in our people, living in a world that is ever changing requires constant re-evaluation