Stop Ocean Plastics

We are 100% against Ocean Plastics and that's why we have

 taken 7 steps to help reduce ocean plastics and create a circular and sustainable company.

1: Apparel 

 We are creating a range of activewear and swimming shorts from reclaimed ocean plastics, making you look great and cleaning the ocean at the same time. 

2:  Body Care

 We only use 100% recycled and sustainable plastic bottles in our body care range and we are also working with a manufacturer to produce our first ever bio-plastic bottle which is made from sugar cane, not crude oil and has no carbon footprint.

3: Alternative Packaging

We offer our hand wash and hand lotions in sustainable glass bottles alternatives.

7: We also give keynote speeches around the world raising awareness for ocean plastics through our charity - The Vayyu Foundation (Untouchable Ocean)

4: 0% Plastic

We only use glass and aluminium which is 100% sustainable for all our candles and pure essential oils.

We also give great tips on how to upcycle our packaging after.

5: Plastic Bag Alternatives

We don't use plastic mailing bags to send our goods out in, we use FSC Certified sustainable cardboard boxes which are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Yes, it costs more for us but it saves the oceans. 

6: Accessories

 We don't use plastic hand tags on any of our products. We use alternatives like recycled card and seeded paper tags, so you can grow a bunch of flowers on us.