Acernus folium

Acernus folium - (Maple Leaf)

I hear your message in the wind, your leaves strumming the chords of life, I hear your rustle singing the maple song, octaves and notes are the sympathy you strike. 

For centuries you've existed and talk you must with me, great-grandfather of antiquity, sitting silently and still there in the tree, your message is that of life, your sermons speak in the wind, your pulpit is the earth beneath you, your roots are grounded in the eternal spring.

Your seasons are that of a cycle, birth, life and death, there is so much to learn if we would sit and listen, ages of wisdom in the bark of your chest. 

Standing here watching you gracefully in the wind, a gift from you falls into the palm of my hand, a maple leaf, a present, a message from within. 

To reflect upon oneself, as life is like a leaf, I am born from a seed, rise as a tree and fall back into the ground to sleep.







Atul September 24, 2018

Great work, great blog, great products.

Simon September 23, 2018

Just came across your site through LinkedIn, a friend shared your post, what a great company and a fantastic job you have done Chris.
I will definitely be buying your ladies clothing when its out.

Janice September 16, 2018

Deep inner meanings, 10/10

Solomon August 30, 2018

another pearl of wisdom

Fredrick August 29, 2018


Samantha August 22, 2018

I saw your products are a SPA I went too… not going to say where because it’s she told me it’s being beta trialled but absolutely fantastic. I will be ordering them definitely. 10/10

Samantha August 20, 2018

The flower of life explained.

Jasmine August 19, 2018

You should write a book vayyu. this stuff is great, simple but to the point.

Benj August 19, 2018

Just gets better and better, how do you come up with this stuff, who writes these blogs?

Steven August 19, 2018

Thoughtful and stirring at the same time, I never really thought of life like this before.

Mia August 17, 2018

Jamie, you have no idea what you are talking about, so best you not comment. VAYYU KEEP IT UP. WE LOVE YOUR WORK. #ORGANIC #TRUTH

Sam August 07, 2018

It doesnt make sense to me… just being honest.

Jamie August 03, 2018

Love this….

Sharai August 03, 2018

I love Vayology, your deep and meaningful poems/blogs are full of inciting thoughts.

Edward August 02, 2018

Stumbled upon your site when searching for some organic clothing, love your ethos on OCEAN PLASTICS.

Laura July 02, 2018

Vayyu, your work just gets better and better, you need to get this out there, so many people can learn from this. Looking forward to the launch of your organic t-shirts.

JAMES July 02, 2018

Wisdom is beauty…

Sara July 02, 2018

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