Helios - The Sun Within

"Giver of all life, blazing alight, resting upon the pillars of space, how magnificent and glorious your rays extend to us."

From the beginning of time when our eyes first set upon you, wonder, glee and fear must have been the feeling embodied, your warmth and kindness gently caressing our skin as your powerful journey across our skies makes your presence known.

The vegetation and fauna flourishes in your excellence, the lakes become bath like with your focus. 
Yellow, red, gold and white are all but some of your colours as you give rise to the spectrum of what we call life.

Your routine is that of a sacred pattern, as you wake the seas in the morning with your sonic glow and pierce through the ominous clouds without a fight, purging the darkness is just one of your skills just, as ending the day in such a magnificent way, you sunsets are that of splendour. 

The beams of your presence can destroy us in a second, bleaching, purifying, cleansing us of life as we know it but yet you choose not too, instead caring delicately for us day by day with love, even though sometimes the light isn't the life giver but the life taker, so we celebrate you, for your regenerative yet degenerative ability. 

Man has worshipped the Sun as a literal deity since the beginning of time and as a symbol of great and noble attainment. I believe one thing we can all agree on, is that it plays a vital part in our lives and without it, we would perish. 

The allegory VAYYU™ can take from the sun is that 'light always conquers darkness and that power is beneficial only in the right amounts.






Steven September 24, 2018

God is within us, no matter what religion you believe in, he or she is. :)

Ed September 16, 2018

are your products available in India? I want to buy them.

Shakti August 30, 2018


Rick August 22, 2018

Knowledge is wisdom….

Gino August 20, 2018

Probably the best one you have written vayyu!

Steven August 19, 2018

Excited for the launch of vayyu clothing, I will buy a few products straight away, wish more people would be as ethical as vayyu is.


Sasha August 07, 2018

You should check out www.livekindly.co this would sit very well together
keep up the good work VAYYU.

Alfred July 02, 2018

Epic blog.

CHARLIE July 01, 2018

Very interesting and deep…:)

Claire July 01, 2018

What a beautiful website and story… i will certainly be buying your products…..

Sam June 30, 2018

I think your all thinking far to deep about this…. just live your life.

Priyanka June 28, 2018

The light is such a deep allegory, i believe this post is talking about the light within oneself and using the sun as an actual embodiment.

Benjamin June 28, 2018

Thank you Vayyu for this post!! We take alot of things as a given, and forget our roots and the basis of our very existence. Nice to see a brand that values life and nature itself so much!! Hopefully it could change the mind set of many in our society. Namaste!

Sara June 28, 2018

Ohhhh wowww! Makes you start to think about life in a different way than what we do. i think we take things for granted alot of the time. goooo VAYYU!

Joseph June 28, 2018

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