The Element "Cycle"

Cycle, it's a funny word, You can cycle a bicycle, you can recycle waste, Cycle is a circle. The universe is formed of many cubes and many circles. 

"Cycle" in it's most basic form in Greek definition is: ( "cycl "means “circle” is through the word bicycle, which possesses two “circles” in the form of wheels" ) 

As you are born, the cycle begins, long before you were born, the cycle was already in motion, long after you pass, the cycle will continue. There is no beginning and there is no end. 

The cycle will occur regardless of circumstance, separate from emotion, separate from feeling, separate from what you may believe. 

The earth has a 365 1|4 day cycle, the moon has a monthly cycle, a woman's body has a monthly cycle, The seasons have a yearly cycle. We are born into many cycles. 

Cycle, cycle, cycle... Your daily routine to work, eat, sleep and some of you even have a bath or shower cycle, well i hope you do. :)

Cycles make up the very foundation of nature, take for example the playful "Gelada Baboons" in Ethiopia, they wake up before daybreak everyday and climb to the highest vantage point they can find to bask in the morning sunshine in Ethiopia's Simien mountain range. This is a cycle repeated daily, not only by the Baboon but by the sun and the planetary arrangements, helping each other in ways we couldn't begin to imagine. 

As our great Sun in the sky rises from its dark hallows and defeats the darkness on its daily cycle, the cycle is already in motion, as a flower creates seeds, leaves begin to grow,  eggs hatch etc.

Cycles have power and have multiple constructs of existence,  they can rule the unaware mind, because all an individual ever feels, are the effects of the cycle.

The familiarity of the essence of  that specific cycle, they know how it moves, how it smells, how it tastes, how it looks and even if they don't like it, they agree and continue to play their daily role in that cycle. Their life cycle, their community cycle, their belief cycle, their destiny cycle. 

When you learn to break the cycle, your cycle will disappear, it will adapt, it will change, it will fulfil your every need, dream and desire, if you let it. 

Cycles are energy in motion, cycles are here to help you, they are here to tell a story and to fulfil it continually without fail, without your permission, without anyone knowing. For you to achieve your most desired dreams, to play out the hero, to play out the Goddess, to become the saviour and guru you are destined to be, a cycle must occur but when you look around, all you can visualise is your area maybe in the city, you see your family, you see your financial situation, you see you friends, you see your place in society and fall back into that cycle.

Subconsciously we place ourselves in boxes and limit our full potentiality, your dream is still just a dream, your daily route to the work place in which you hate is the cycle you know, and so it continues because you let it. 

You have the power to choose different, choose a different cycle, why not break the current cycle with your choice, with your actions. Don't be a victim of your cycle, be the master of your Cycle. 


As you can tell, we used the word cycle a lot, lol Don't worry, now no more cycle talk in the other blogs.  

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This is lovely.

Rebecca June 28, 2018

Love this……. Keep up the great work guys…….!!!!

Supriya June 16, 2018

I shared this on my twitter… very deep and meaningful.

Mike June 09, 2018

Everything is a cycle. we are infinite beings…. When are you going to post more of these interesting articles? How do i share this?

Charlie June 08, 2018

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