Concrete - The Recreation Of Nature By Mankind

Food, water, land: the very elements that we need to survive are now owned by a few. There is no food on the trees, no fresh water in the streams, no land to build a home on that isn't claimed by a person or company.

Where there were trees that cleaned our air, we now have factories with fumes that poison us. Where there was clean water to drink, there is now toxic waste that reeks a foul smell or bottled poison that is advertised on TV for us to drink. The ground where animals used to roam, they have now turned into waiting rooms for the slaughter house. All of this for our satisfaction, our contentment, our pleasure.

If you try to take what the Earth provides for us, you will be locked up behind bars. We therefore obey rules, we discover the world online and through text books. Our formative years are spent regurgitating information that we have been drip fed, not discovering it for ourselves. Not raised to be different or to question what is said. We have been trained well enough to do our job, but not to question WHY we do it.

 Free your mind to the possibilities of a different world. A new world.

To each of us our path is unique. But together we have become nothing more than fuel. The most precious resources are not in the ground, it is in us. However, we have become machines that fight wars to create the illusion of power. We fight for land and worldly riches, to compete in the race for dominating people, things and places.

Over a billion people around the globe are starving right now. Despite us having enough food for everybody. 70% of the grain that we grow goes to feed animals, not the people that need it. We are like a plague on the Earth tearing apart and destroying every inch which allows us to live.

What happens when we have polluted the last river, poisoned the last breathe of air, cut down the last tree and slaughtered the last animal? How far along the chain of destruction do we have to go before we realise our stupidity and selfishness?

We are not destroying the planet, but the life on it. Every year thousands of species become extinct, and as time passes by; it may revert history upon us.

We think we are seeking a cure, but in reality we are the disease, that has caused such destruction. The food which we consume is designed purely for profit, not for health. We kill our cells by consuming toxic chemicals, the bodies of these animals infested with drugs and disease. The irony is that we thought the Earth was the centre of the Universe, and now we see ourselves as the centre of the Universe. We look to our inventions and technology and think we are the smartest. But do our computers, cars and machines represent and truly reflect how intelligent we are? Or do they show us how lazy we have become? How disjointed have we become from our own race? We act as though we are all knowing beings, yet we fail to see the most obvious, fail to question the most unworthy decisions.

 If we look at our inner most desires, you will come to know that we all share a common goal; to be ‘Happy’ and that is through Love.

We tear the world apart to look for that love and happiness, yet we fail to look within ourselves. Many of the happiest people are those who own the least. So, are we happy with our big houses? fancy cars? latest phones? Yes, they all have their benefits to improve the quality of our lives, but is that all we need? Has our primal instinct taken us to the brink of evolution or extinction?


We have become disconnected with ourselves. We adolise those we have never met and aspire to be like them, and yet we struggle to know what we need in the depths of our soul, failing to understand our inner being.

This isn’t about saving our planet. The Earth will be here even if we aren’t. This planet has been here for billions of years, each and everyone of us will struggle to live until the age of 80, we are a flash in time, a twinkle in the timeline of existence. However, the impact that we have on this planet and the future generation will remain forever.

 The question still remains: Have we mastered the essence of Nature?… OR have we destroyed what we had once mastered.


Philip Freneau


publ. 1815


On one fix’d point all nature moves,

Nor deviates from the track she loves;

Her system, drawn from reason’s source,

She scorns to change her wonted course.


Could she descend from that great plan

To work unusual things for man,

To suit the insect of an hour —

This would betray a want of power,


Unsettled in its first design

And erring, when it did combine

The parts that form the vast machine,

The figures sketch’d on nature’s scene.


Perfections of the great first cause

Submit to no contracted laws,

But all-sufficient, all-supreme,

Include no trivial views in them.


Who looks through nature with an eye

That would the scheme of heaven descry,

Observes her constant, still the same,

In all her laws, through all her frame.


No imperfection can be found

In all that is, above, around, —

All, nature made, in reason’s sight

Is order all, and all is right"


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looking forward to your organic clothing and your blog is great by the way…

Brian August 20, 2018

I love what you are saying! So true. All of it. You are an inspiration.

Becca August 07, 2018

Nature is perfection in itself… We are perfection…

Rebecca June 28, 2018


Gemma June 09, 2018

I absolutely love your ethos, your message, your vision. I can’t wait for your product launch.

Charlie June 08, 2018

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