Nalini - Which means "Lotus" in Sanskrit

Nalini means lotus, the lotus flower named (aquatic perennial) has been used throughout history in many forms.

Symbolically, medicinally and even used as fragrance to the Kings and Queens of ancient lands, the lotus is a sacred symbol of wisdom, of unity or the great Divine that lies sleeping within all of us. 

Many nations such as Egypt, India and China have revered this sacred flower, as it rises through the turkey waters of 'maya' (The Illusion) into the higher consciousness's beyond our reach. 

The flowers also symbolises detachment, as water rolls off the petals and back in to the ground, it give meaning that the purity of the soul, having reached enlightenment, can't be tainted.

The lotus flower in Buddhism also refers to rebirth and the core belief of reincarnation as the petals shed and the plant is regrown again.

How can we take wisdom from this beautiful and sacred symbol, well the beauty of the lotus is that we can take our own meaning from it.

It means to every individual something different, just as every individual lotus plant has different marking and is affected by its own individual surroundings, so are we. 

We all look different, we all have our own journey and we all have our own markings, beauty is truly in individuality. We are a product of our environment  willingly or unwillingly, we mould and shift our nature and to the context of situations that happen around us. We are the sacred and beautiful leaf's that repel the water and yet also the root that holds us firm to the ground in the murky waters of our embodiment. 

You are the lotus, you are the flower, the stem and the root. 

You are the embodiment of all that exists, reach your petals to the celestial sky above in hope of salvation.





James M January 17, 2020

Love your ethos Vayyu.

Sarah January 15, 2020

This is lovely.

Rakesh January 01, 2020


Philip December 19, 2019

Interesting and mindful read.

Mona November 21, 2019

Very deep and spiritual, wouldn’t expect anything less from you guys and girls.

David November 18, 2019

What a great article VAYYU, you should post more often, love reading your blogs.

Jacob November 18, 2019

Vayyu this is beautiful. leading the way as always

Samara November 18, 2019

Thank you for the message, it’s nice to read something spiritual & with meaning

Laura November 18, 2019

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