Sparśa - 'Which means to contact, touch, or collide in the ancient language of Sanskrit'

When you think of world's colliding, early childhood memories are brought to the surface of our minds of Hollywood movies about asteroids destroying the planet.  We have had thousands of years without issue with this world, without conflict, without devastation, all nations from around the world enjoying a harmonious and beautiful relationship with it. This world I speak of provides food for millions of families, fresh water to clean ourselves with and minerals to nourish our skin. We have respected her and lived in harmony and balance with her for millennia until now.

In return for her gracious gifts, we give plastic bottles to float on her surface, nets to ravage her coral reefs, micro plastics to pollute her creatures and overfishing to destroy her children. 

We have impacted the the sacred ocean in such a way, that is near irreparable and yet thousands of trawlers go out every day to continue the unsustainable devastation, thousands of tons of plastic and toxic materials are dumped into her daily with corals all around the world are being bleached by global warming and pollution.

Idiotic is an understatement of these actions and grave are the consequences that will entail, we must remember what is given, can also be taken away, we must remember the vastness and intelligence of this ocean and the creatures in it.

It is said that we once came out of the ocean millions of years ago, it's ironic that this is how we repay the mother of all life. 



Iron sharpens iron

Matthew January 17, 2020

This is beautiful

Sarah January 15, 2020

Great blog!

Meera January 01, 2020

A great read indeed

Fredrick December 19, 2019

I remember that film, deep impact, well done Vayyu, another thought provoking article, I wish more companies were as sustainable as you lot are.

Jane September 02, 2019

Fantastic blog… excellent ideology!

John September 01, 2019

Great post Vayyu, loving your views on sustainability and also your new video advert

George September 01, 2019

Wonderful Vayyu… I have missed your blogs, I guess you guys have been busy.

Jody August 22, 2019

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