Avatāra - which means "descent", an avatar refers to the human incarnation of God

Avatāra, which means "descent", an avatar refers to the human incarnation of God.

Decent is an interesting word but we often look at decent as a negative verb, when on the contrary, one can descend a mountain to come back home, one can descend into the depths of a culture and get lost in its beauty and depth, one can descend into a deep meditation of complete an utter bliss. 

Descent is an action to be admired, to be respected, to be feared. 

The human mind is programmed from an early age that to ascend, is to be looked at in awe, to be idolised, to be deified in most cultures, when actually there is a double sided veil here which we must look deeper into, we must explore, we must venture into the deep. 

The depths of one's understanding, the depths of Maya ( Maya is a feminine name with multiple meanings: In Hindu philosophy, Māyā means "illusion") we must descend into the illusion in order to find meaning, in order to find solace, in order to find reason, through the routed symbolism masked in matter. 

When elevated upon a pedestal with eyes firmly fixated upon the sky, one cannot see the true fabric in which they have elevated from. We must look to our roots, to our feelings, to our source to find meaning and measure first. 

Whilst celebrating and praising our accomplishments we must look to our failures, for without these, without descending into the very actions that have brought such success, how can one truly know success's formula in the first place.

Descending into the flesh, is necessary for the attainment of higher knowledge, so next time one looks to elevate, one should first descend. Be not afraid of the dark.





This is great and meaningful.. big thanks to you for sharing.

Jeff May 05, 2019

Sending love for the USA. Do you ship out here?

Jackson January 09, 2019

very true.

Josh January 02, 2019

Beautifully explained x

Nia January 02, 2019

Vayyu your posts are amazing

Savannah December 26, 2018

This is exploring the depths of reality. Love it.

James December 26, 2018

What a great article

Samara December 20, 2018

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