Irā -(ईरा) - The Goddess of the enjoyment

Irā -(ईरा) -  We find ourselves in a world more and more inclined to temporary enjoyment, temporary distraction and temporary satisfaction. When did we stop realising that true enjoyment comes from within?

The taste of a mango, the smell of the earth after it has rained, the feel of soft fresh linen, these luxurious experiences are short lived by our temporary and quite often overwhelmed / distracted mind. 

The mangos fresh green skin and yellow silky flesh bursts as your teeth bite into it, the sweetness, the sugar, the exposition of flavour in that very moment, missed.

Maybe you forgot to close your eyes, maybe you forgot to turn off the television, maybe your forgot how it tastes because you were distracted? Do you remember the leatheriness of its skin or the special markings it had on it?  

We miss these special and sacred moments, that mango, months sitting on a tree, absorbing all of the glorious sun rays, drinking all the ground water just for you to enjoy and its gone in a moment because you are too busy chatting on the phone, that experience, that moment in life, missed because you are not present.

Savour every moment, right now, how does it feel to actually sit on the chair? What's the aroma in the air right now? What sounds can you hear? Are you actually conscious, are you present right now? 

Come back, back to the present, to the moment, to the life your living right now, forget the past, it's already happened, forget the future, it's not happened just yet.

Just be present in the moment, in yourself and you will find true enjoyment and bliss in every day life. 

Om Namaste. 


Another fantastic article by you ladies and gentlemen. keep it up. I’m going to sign up for your newsletter today.

Joyce September 02, 2019

Not very interesting.

Samuel September 01, 2019

Life definitely to be enjoyed. :)

Jeff May 05, 2019

Love this……

Simon January 02, 2019

Such an interesting blog, love this.

Jonathan December 20, 2018

Great website and a really deep message.

Lewis December 15, 2018

I love this blog, we should really take a step back and enjoy life

Samara November 25, 2018

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