Dosha - Sanskrit (दोष doṣa) according to Ayurveda, is one of three substances that are present in a person's body.

Dosha or (Sanskrit दोषः, doṣa), can also be translated to mean the word 'Fault.'

In our modern day understanding of a fault or faults, we look at a fault that as a  situation or component that needs to be fixed or replaced. 

What happens when we have a fault in our body or a fault in our mind? how do we fix it? through science, medicine, psychology? 

The main issue one stumbles upon time and time again, is that one can never fix a fault until he truly understands it's original cause. Where did it start, how did it start and how can we prevent the fault from occurring again? 

Take for instance a pain in the back, modern science is now realising that you first must examine the feet and treat them firstly, the back issue then alleviates itself without treatment. The issue was never with the patients back, it all stemmed from their feet, yet the back is the body part which surfaced a much deeper rooted issue. The non-conjoint between back and feet is cohesive but yet deceptive.

If we find we have an energetic imbalance, how do we fix it, where do we look, how do we rejuvenate ourselves, body, mind and soul? 

Firstly it must come from an understanding of the causes and a greater understanding of the energies involved.  

A brief explanation of the meaning of Doshas, they come from the five states of matter: ether (space), earth, water, air, and fire. The Vata dosha is associated with ether and air, the Pitta dosha with fire and water, and the Kapha dosha with water and earth.

  • Vata dosha: The most powerful of the doshas, it controls basic bodily functions as well as the mind.
  • Pitta dosha: Controls metabolism, digestion and hormones linked to your appetite.
  • Kapha dosha: Controls strength and stability, muscle growth, weight and your immune system.

When you know what these energies are and how they operate, only then can you start to look at the cause and effects of them.

Among the Ayurvedic treatments to balance the doshas are breathing exercises, diet changes, lifestyle changes, yoga, meditation and stretching.

These simple changes can have deeper healing and longer lasting effects than what we first originally thought, yet the ancient yogis of ancient India have had this knowledge since time immemorial. 

Our bodies are not just flesh but complex nervous systems and energy systems, that we as a people are only just starting to re-learn about in this age, once we know where the "fault" or 'imbalance' first occurs, then only can we learn to remedy it.

"Prevention is better than a cure."

Maybe that yoga class that you have always wanted to try out is calling you! or maybe that job change to a better working environment is what you need? maybe that Saturday walk in the forest and breathing the fresh air is timely in your life? 

Listen to your Dosha, listen to your heart and the balance you have searched for unceasingly will reveal itself to you. 

"Know thyself."




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